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"F.O.H" been cleansing nasty vibes from auras since 2017 . This a spiritual cleansing bath in a bar that is activated to remove unwanted energies . Removing energies such as - envy , jealously , others "bad juju" can ensure your attraction work works properly . Spiritual hygiene is just as physical hygiene & should be in any routine . This white bar is a symbol of purity to cleanse those energies you don't need attached to your aura . If that isn't enough , you are able to get multiple uses unlike a spiritual bath & instructions are included to work the soap properly for best results .

If you haven't cleansed in a while or ever spiritually  - I recommend using this soap WITH NO OTHER PRODUCTS for 3 DAYS IN A ROW ; then feel free to use StripperWitchin'S  products to attract .